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Faerie Crossword
Faerie Crossword

2. zenco
6. eight
7. dua
9. cintopango
11. nik
12. democracy
14. acko
15. taxbeast

1. wings
3. closet
4. meerca
5. kari
8. bone
10. neovia
13. pate

Daily Puzzle

Daily Puzzle
Friday, October 31, 2014


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Daily Puzzle
491 NP | Ghost Lupe Spooky Stories

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Petpet Park News

    Trick or Treating!
    • Posted by Dave
    • Posted on October 31, 2014, 12:00 am NST

    Trick or Treating has begun! Check out the below locations to claim a goodie bag from a fellow citizen of Neopia.

    Tyrannian Weaponry
    The Rainbow Fountain
    Igloo Garage Sale
    Spooky Furniture
    Krawk Island Nippers

    You'll receive one of the matching bags below:

    Opening your goodie bags? We'll be updating our Trick or Treat bags guide throughout the day! So, if you get an item we're missing please send it in!
    Happy Halloween!
    • Posted by Dave
    • Posted on October 31, 2014, 12:00 am NST

    The JN Staff are celebrating this year with a new set of costumes. Can you guess who everyone is dressed up as? Share your own costumes in the comments below!

    The winners for our Eighth Annual Costume Contest have also been released. (Trophies will be awarded midday on Halloween.)

    Check Out the Winners »

    Site Theme Alert! Don't forget that today (October 31st) at 11:59pm NST, refreshing anywhere on the Neopets site will get you the elusive Halloween site theme. This is the only time of year you can obtain it, so don't forget to stay up! See our site themes guide for more info on obtaining other layout themes.

    October Recap: Wearables & Modeling
    • Posted by Rylon
    • Posted on October 31, 2014, 10:09 am NST

    Another month has ended, and TNT are still working through the aftermath of their transition to Jumpstart. While many aspects of the site are still having issues, things are slowly starting to be updated!

    October has relied on five pet days to add to the month's Neopoint wearable total!

    Grarrl: Trendy | Eyrie: Moltara Fashion
    Bori: Wool | Jetsam: Maractite Armour | Korbat: Daring

    And the multi-species items... *counts on one hand*

    As expected, it's been a busy month for the NC Mall. Halloween is one of the most-loved seasons for customisation-enthusiasts, so two weeks of Haunted Hijinks sure goes down a real treat!

    A new batch of prizes were added to Patapult!

    Bigsby had a bone to pick with Patapult's update, so Wonderclaw has gone skeletal!

    Yet more items were given a fresh new look over at Dyeworks!

    This year's spooky capsule released an onslaughter of new items!

    Ylana fans had a reason to purchase her Neocash Card with the release of this new redemption bonus!

    Customisers without boo-dles of Neocash at their disposal were able to snatch up these two freebies!

    And as always, rounding out the month are the collectibles!

    We still need a lot of these item previews for our Wardrobe App, so please head on over to our Modeling Department if you can lend a hand! Your help and support ensures Wardrobe is up to date, and we really appreciate all your hard work! :D