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Faerie Crossword
Faerie Crossword

2. magma
5. codestones
6. clara
8. dua
11. tofu
14. kauvara
15. thar

1. roo
3. altador
4. geraptiku
7. leaf
9. pet
10. quarry
12. one
13. undo

Daily Puzzle

Daily Puzzle
Friday, November 28, 2014


The Prize:  296 NP

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Petpet Park News

    What Do You Use the Portal For?
    • Posted by Dave
    • Posted on November 21, 2014, 3:18 pm NST

    Hey there! Yes, you! We're looking to find out what you think the best features of the Jellyneo Portal are, and we need your help.

    Below are a few questions we're hoping you can answer:
    • What module do you use the most?
    • What is the JN main site missing that you use the portal for?
    • What do you like most about the portal?
    • What might the portal be missing?

    To answer, please post your answers as a comment on this news post! Looking forward to hearing from you!
    We Need Your Help!
    • Posted by Kayla
    • Posted on November 27, 2014, 8:04 am NST

    Hello Neopia! We're currently trying to fact check a few things to update our guides around JN. Could you happen to help us out with any of the requests below? If you can, please check out the links in this news post!

    Data Collection
    We'd like to gather data on a variety of things around Neopia. Here's what we're currently hunting down:

    Apple Bobbing Prizes

    Anchor Management New Prizes

    Booster Pack Prizes

    Coincidence Quest Results

    Crashed Meteor Results

    Edna Prizes

    Forgotten Shore New Prizes

    Forgotten Shore Results

    Grave Danger New Prizes

    Kacheek Seek Neopoints

    Kelp Results

    King Hagan Prizes

    Lunar Temple New Prizes

    Map Completion Prizes

    Taelia's Quest Items

    Test Your Strength Prizes

    Tiki Tack Tombola New Prizes

    Wheel of Excitement Magic Items

    Wheel of Mediocrity Items

    Wheel of Misfortune Neopoints

    Weapon Testing
    Our dedicated Battlepedia crew is looking to test a wide variety of new and old, rarer weapons to complete our database.

    » View Untested Weapons «

    You can submitted untested weapon stats to us via bug report, or let us know if you're willing to lend the item for us to rigorously test.
    The Gift of Neocash Returns!
    • Posted by Rylon
    • Posted on November 26, 2014, 1:57 pm NST

    The Gift of Neocash is back again! The more you spend this holiday season (Nov 28th-Jan 4th), the more bonus NC you'll be awarded at the end of the event (Jan 7th, 2015).

    • What is The Gift of NC?
      To celebrate the holiday season and the spirit of giving, we're offering you the chance to earn FREE Bonus NC, just by shopping in the NC Mall! From November 28 to January 4 your NC Mall purchases will be added up, and at the end of The Gift of NC promotion, your Bonus NC total will be figured and awarded to you. The more NC you spend, the more Bonus NC you'll receive!

    • How much NC do I have to spend?
      How much NC you spend is entirely up to you! Please be aware, though, that you must spend at least 500 NC during The Gift of NC promotion to earn Bonus NC. To earn:
      • 100 Bonus NC
        You must spend 500 - 999 NC

      • 175 Bonus NC
        You must spend 1,000 - 2,499 NC

      • 225 Bonus NC
        You must spend 2,500 - 4,999 NC

      • 350 Bonus NC
        You must spend 5,000 - 9,999 NC

      • 650 Bonus NC
        You must spend 10,000 - 19,999 NC

      • 1,300 Bonus NC
        You must spend 20,000 - 34,999 NC

      • 1,700 Bonus NC
        You must spend 35,000 - 49,000 NC

      • 3,200 Bonus NC
        You must spend 50,000 NC or more

    • What if I spend less than 500 NC?
      You won't earn any Bonus NC! You must spend at least 500 NC during The Gift of NC promotion to receive Bonus NC.

    • Can I combine what I spend on my main and side account?
      No, sorry. Your NC totals from your main and side accounts cannot be combined.

    • When will I receive my Bonus NC?
      Bonus NC earned during The Gift of NC promotion will be awarded on or near January 7th, 2015.